Tops Distributors was established in 1996 by Mr Abdullah Amod Paruk. The company used to wholesale various items such as fabrics, clothing, haberdashery and a bit of everything. In 2016 the company decided to specialise in outdoor and camping equipment. In a competitive market we had to be outstanding from other companies who offer similar products.

After much research we concluded that campers and people who love the outdoors preferred equipment which was compact, lightweight, durable and competitively priced. Using this philosophy Bukk Hunter Outdoors was born.

At the begining of 2018 we where ready to launch our 4 mainstream products. Our products had to be strong, durable, top quality, but yet affordable. We achieved this with great success and have expanded our product range.

We do not compromise on our quality and service excellence and have started a wholesale division. Should you require any assistance in offering our products to your market, please get in touch with us. We are always ready and eager to work with you.